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Feminist Writers is a community for writers of all skill levels and genres who are interested in gender equality. We welcome both professional and novice writers, fiction and nonfiction writers, mainstream and genre writers, queer and straight writers, white writers and writers of color, men and women and those who ID outside the binary. This is a queer-friendly, anti-racist, pro-choice community where likeminded people with an interest in the written word can discuss different authors and the world of writing, can post their own writing for discussion or critique, and can promote their published work.

Please read the rules and familiarize yourself with the stance of this community before you join!

Community Stance:

1. We understand that some people might unintentionally post something that offends other members of the community, and we understand that some members may not be intimately familiar with feminist or anti-racist thought. We will not punish a person for making innocent mistakes, and if we feel someone is making a genuine, good-faith effort to understand concepts which they may not have encountered before, we will encourage that person and try to help them learn. Keep this in mind as you read the rest of the rules; you will not be attacked, punished, or banned from the community for accidentally making statements which reflect privilege or strike others as racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive if you apologize and handle the situation gracefully.

2. This community is absolutely pro-choice. You're entitled to your opinions, and you are allowed to be personally ambivalent about abortion, but if you do not believe that women should legally have the right to choose, please leave. If you are unsure where you personally (not politically) stand on abortion, feel free to post your writing on the topic but be prepared for criticism.

2. This community will not tolerate bigotry or hate for any marginalized groups. Ableism, classism, homophobia, racism, sexism, sizeism, transphobia, etc., are not appreciated here.

3. This community is dedicated to anti-racism efforts. Blatently racist posts and comments will warrant a warning or a ban. Racial slurs not in the context of a clearly defined setting or character within fiction are strictly disallowed. This community subscribes to the definition of racism that racism = prejudice + power, which means that discussions about or subject matter dealing with black people being racist against whites in America, for example, will not fly. A minority group can be prejudiced against the majority (though they often have their reasons, right or wrong, for this) but if they are not the group which holds power in that society, they cannot possibly do the same amount of institutional harm through their prejudice as the majority group.

4. Similarly, the definition this community uses for sexism is prejudice + power, for the same reasons. If you cannot agree with these definitions, this is not the community for you! As with racial slurs, gendered slurs like "slut" and "bitch" are not appropriate unless in the context of your characters or setting.

5. Victim blaming of any kind is not welcome. No one is ever to blame for their own abuse or trauma; only the rapist, the abuser, the criminal is to blame for their own actions. Similarly, it's not okay to tell others how they should go about the recovery/healing process. Everyone's trauma and everyone's reaction to trauma is different.

6. While certain sentiments and opinions are not welcome here, this is by no means a safe-space. Posts in this community may deal with sensitive subject matter. (However, such posts SHOULD always be clearly marked and placed behind an LJ-cut.) Do not join if you do not want to be in a community which might contain violent or sexually explicit content.

7. We will never censor content simply because it might be considered controversial or obscene. However, content which appears to be patently offensive for no reason other to offend, or which goes against the stated stance of this community, will not be tolerated and may be subject to removal from the community. Just because you do not consider yourself racist or sexist does not mean that your writing may not in fact be these things on a subtle or overt level.

Rules Regarding Posts and Appropriate Subject Matter:

1. Please feel free to share your writing for criticism or feedback. We discourage posting writing which does not explicitly deal with feminism, human rights, or other progressive/social justice issues in some way. Writing with female narrators/main characters/protagonists, characters of color, or queer characters is considered on-topic. Fiction of any length, poetry, and non-fiction essays or articles are all encouraged. If your post is very long, please post in an LJ-cut! Fan fiction is allowed, but discouraged, because other readers may not be familiar with your particular fandom! If you are attempting to be published professionally or are otherwise concerned about making your writing publicly accessible, you are encouraged to post friends-only.

2. Discussions about writing are also allowed. You may discuss certain writers, the merits of various genres, or ask for/give advice on various writing techniques and approaches to writing.

3. Calls for submissions from publishers which fit the focus and stance of the community are welcome and encouraged! We are especially interested in publishers soliciting material dealing with social activism, feminism, race, and queer issues. However, there must be a tangible connection between the call for submissions and the focus of the community. If you are unsure what is appropriate, please review past posts as a guideline or ask a moderator.

4. Due to the very nature of creative writing, our characters may say or do things that we as authors do not agree with. This is understood, however, a good writer will be able to make it clear when they do not necessarily hold the views of their characters. If authorial intent is not made clear within the writing or through an author's note expect to be questioned or challenged regarding the content of your writing.

5. Writing with explicit sex, violence, or profanity is fine. There are no rules about what is considered "distasteful" or "gratuitous" except that which is clearly racist, misogynist, homophobic, etc. However, you must place such content behind a cut with a warning so that those who do not want to read such content will not have to be exposed to it.

6. Subjects which require specific warnings beforehand include but are not limited to: explicit sex scenes, graphic violence, use of obscenity, rape, child abuse, domestic violence, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, or anything else which might potentially upset some members. If in doubt, post a warning. If asked to post a warning by commenter, please edit your post and add one.

7. Memes, quizzes, and surveys are not allowed. Please keep these things to your personal journal!

Rules Regarding Conduct and Behavior:

1. This is NOT a debate community. Disagreements and polite discussion are fine. But we are here to share our writing, not to attack one another's ideas or start an argument. This is first and foremost a place to share our writing and to develop our skills as writers.

2. Under no circumstances is it okay to re-post friends-locked entries elsewhere. Because of the nature of the publishing industry, certain members who are or wish to be professional writers can not post their work in a public forum because it is then considered "published" and is therefore practically impossible to sell. This rule will be taken extremely seriously. If it comes to the attention of a moderator that this has happened, the offender will automatically be banned from the community. Do not redistribute any content from this group without the explicit permission of the poster!

3. Personal attacks are never okay. If you disagree with someone, disagree on the merits of their ideas. Calling someone "hysterical" or "too angry" or saying that they are "over-reacting" if they find your statements offensive is not okay. Personal attacks or flames are a bannable offense.

4. Please post polite, constructive criticism only. Do not focus only on the things you don't like about a piece; always offer some praise as well. Do not attack a piece because you do not like it. Never tell the author that their writing is terrible or that they are a bad writer. This is supposed to be a positive, helpful community.

5. The moderators do not necessarily claim complete objectivity. We will try to be fair, but reserve the right to remove from the community those we feel compromise the purpose and integrity of this feminist space at our discretion. If you are a repeat offender or we receive a number of complaints about your conduct, we reserve the right to ban you.

The Moderators:

no2ndtroy: contact through email with any concerns at wonderflan at gmail dot com.
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